Sebastian Sánchez

I am a mexican-german  academy award® winning sound designer, composer and mixer. My passion is the discovery and modification of new sounds to use in my projects: These sounds are used to uniquely enhance the films and series I work on and therefore push them to the next level.

I am based in Berlin and work from my Dolby Atmos™ approved studio.

Folllowing my studies  at the film university "KONRAD WOLF" in Germany, I have amassed extensive experience in the field. With involvement in over 100 projects including series, cinema, advertisements, jingles and music-production I have made my mark across diverse genres.

My work has spanned all facets of sound Production: My contributions encompas set-recording, sound editing, sound design, music composition, music recording and mixing.
This comprehensive engagement equips me with a profound understanding of the recording aspect necessary to effectively convey the director's vision and the desired atmosphere to audiences.

My qualities



I deeply respect individuals from diverse backgrounds and opinions. I approach every interaction with an open mind, fostering a positive and inclusive environment.



My curiosity drives me to approach each project with a fresh perspective, fostering innovation and creative solutions.


Good team work

My adept teamwork enhances collaboration on every project, ensuring effective communication and a high-quality final product.

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